HEADRAFT creates communication spaces in VR for planning and pre-visualizing media productions. 
It is equipped with a whole set of tools and platforms to support creative minds.



Making sure that every department involved in the production process shares the same vision and communicates its needs at an early stage is critical to the success of a project. In many cases however, time and opportunities to meet in person are limited.

With the newest virtual reality technology at hand, we aim to extend your possibilities.

From the initial concept drafts to the finishing touches, HEADRAFT will give teams an immediate, "be-there" experience with their content, be it a 3D-scan of a potential location or the first layout of a studio set, simply any roughly blocked out concept.

Creative teams will not only be empowered to do a pre-recce together in VR, but to test camera-angles, block actors, props or packshots and create a live previz or storyboard together. Prepare every shoot or project weeks before the first screw is tightened or the first plane takes off. Conflicts can be spotted sooner and risks and options can be dealt with at an early stage to avert unanticipated costs in the future.




Developing and planning media productions is all about team -
communication. Our vision is to create a central communication space in VR, accessible from multiple devices.

All individuals of a team can pitch changes to the team, discuss locations, studio sets or mood boards, hold PPMs and conferences from anywhere in the world within a VR device or simply with their smartphone or laptop. Newest technology and an online-based platform for sharing virtual rooms and locations brings people together, no matter where they physically are.



Each team member can step away from their workstation into a collaborative, mutual space - evaluating scouted locations or set
designs by walking through scanned or CAD data.

In there, everyone involved is able to do all kinds of measuring, blocking and testing inside a virtual set. Not only by trying out various positions or camera angles, but moving all kind of objects like props, construction elements and also people or products. This all happens with your own hands to visualize any imaginable potential scenery. Create your previz or storyboard and share it with anyone, directly in VR.